The Art Portfolio of Bob Cook 6/15/02—11/18/20

I am an artist with a long history in many fields of endeavors Including computer gaming, commercial work, displayed in galleries and restaurants, and commission work. Mediums include Digital 3D modeling and painting, acrylics, watercolor, ballpoint pen and airbrush as well as needing to master multiple styles to suit the occasion. Thus the very eclectic collection you see below. I hope you enjoy my work.

Traditional Art

Tradiitional art but not all ways done in traditional media

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3D art

Using Zbrush as an illustration Tool

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Example of Drawings. Every thing from Prisma color to ball point pen.

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Life Drawings

Work done during Life Drawing Sesions. Black and White Prisma Color on Grey Canson Paper

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Digital Fantasies

Digital Paintings produced in Painter of Fantasy subjects

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Pin Up Art

Art work done in the style of old Pin Up art.

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Old Game Art

During the 90s and the early 2000s, I worked for several game companies. Here is some sample art from those days.

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The Forked Tailed Devil
The Fork Tailed Devil