Landscapes and Concept Art 04/08/14

Examples of my art from a long life and the exploration of many disciplins
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Fantasy Landscapes and Concept Art

This is a combination of Landscape and concept art done in air brush, digital, and water color

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3D art

Using Zbrush as an illustration Tool

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Example of Drawings. Every thing from Prisma color to ball point pen.

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Life Drawings

Work done during Life Drawing Sesions. Black and White Prisma Color on Grey Canson Paper

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Digital Fantasies

Digital Paintings produced in Painter of Fantasy subjects

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Pin Up Art

Art work done in the style of old Pin Up art.

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Old Game Art

During the 90s and the early 2000s, I worked for several game companies. Here is some sample art from those days.

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Works in Progress

Here is some work that is nearly finished, but not quite

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