Drawings 6/7/10—11/18/20

Example of Drawings. Every thing from Prisma color to ball point pen.
Wood Nymph
This is Black and White Prisma Color on Grey Canson Paper. Measures about 30 inches in height.
Without Honor
Cover Concept for unpublished book
This is a digital drawing done in Painter. Measures about 24 inches in height when printed out.
Space Marine
I like ball point pens, They are such fun for doodeling.
The Parade
Another ball point pen drawing.
Under the Sea
Ball point pen again. About 24 inches in height.
Tfhe Leader of the Pack
Ball point pen on paper. About 24 inches in height.
The Ransom: Bargaining with Death
An old Pen and Ink drawing from my very young days, but something I have all ways liked. It is about 36 inches in height.